How to reflash the linksys WRT160NL with OpenWRT

I bought this router cause I wanted to boost our robot building culture with USB port. That was a month ago, now I think it is time to begin the journey.

First I removed the router case, to (lose the warranty and) see whats inside. Its not necessary for the reflash I’m just curious whats inside. The first best thing was, there is serial console with already built spikes, so you dont have to use your engineering skills. So that was the tale, let’s do the real thing.

So I started to read what to do, it says: You can download 10.03 build called openwrt-ar71xx-wrt160nl-squashfs.bin. The link that appears isn’t good, because this realese is bugged with the router. When you try to reflash the router it stucks at 40% and says the flashing wasn’t succesful. So I asked my friend(google) what to do and here is the link to the solution and the answer I got. So you have to use a latest release of the ar71xx version. Ok that’s done there can’t be any problem.

The reflashing was succes. So I wanted to the router use my internet connection, and I ended up with bricking it. FUUUUUUUUU…. Okay I started to panic, I have to use the ultimate JTAG, and I have create a wire for it. After consulting with my friend (google and) Bence Magyar, we saw a solution, that might help. I have to hit emergency button and reset the router to default. But that’s not that easy, first I only saw the generic page about how to reset a router. What your really should do is this:
Boot into failsafe mode

  • Unplug the router’s power cord.
  • Connect the router’s LAN1 port directly to your PC.
  • Configure your PC with a static IP address between and E. g. (gateway and DNS is not required).
  • Plug the power on and wait for the DMZ LED to light up.
  • While the DMZ LED is on immediately press any button (Reset and Secure Easy Setup will work) a few times . (the middle led)
  • If done right the DMZ LED will quickly flash 3 times every second.
  • You should be able to telnet to the router at now (no username and password)

And you have to do is this two command:
The whole can be found here.

So this is the story how to make an hour work to six hours.

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