BeagleBone and USB Serial Converter

If you would like to extend the capabilities of your Beaglebone you can start by using a USB Serial Converter to reach simple serial devices from USB (hint: you can plug a USB hub on the Beaglebone and use several converter to multiply the serial ports).

I used a cheap converter available on ebay

The type is: cp2102 or more commonly found as cp210x. (image taken from the ebay vendor)

The setup of this quick test was the following:

  • PC -> microUSB of Beaglebone -> Beaglebone
  • Beaglebone -> USB Serial Converter -> cables -> USB Serial Converter
  • USB Serial Converter -> PC
Since I’m powering the Beaglebone from my PC now I only connected
  • RX to TX
  • TX to RX
  • GND to GND

Both systems running on Ubuntu.

On my laptop the USB Serial converter got attached to /dev/ttyUSB2

On the Beaglebone the USB Serial converter got attached to /dev/ttyUSB0

What I’m doing in the video:

  • Laptop: cat /dev/ttyUSB2
  • Beaglebone: echo “hello” >> /dev/ttyUSB0

— and the other way around —

  • Beaglebone: cat /dev/ttyUSB0
  • Laptop: echo “hello” >> /dev/ttyUSB2

Quick test video:

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