Building a Rover project day 0

It’s summer time! Best way to spend it, to hide from the sun inside in your room and create rover. Our first rover will be the Scarabeus! It will be created from an RC car (which we bougth from local supermarket). We tried it without customizing anything of it, here you can see the video:

Mud Slinger!
Mud Slinger!

It can run on a little rough terrain but grass is a great enemy of it. After we tried it with our motor controller and accumulator it went much better.

Day 0 events:

We dissambled it, removed the case and the unnecessary things.

Here you can see what remains:

The factory steering wasn’t good enough for us, so we started re-building it using Bence’s old Metaltecnik(from the retro) building game set from the attic.

There will be a quite cheap steering platform for sensors. The dissambling is completed, building the steering is started.

Next day’s goal:

Complete the steering.

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