Building a Rover project day 3 – assembly

We managed to set everything up separately so it’s now time to assemble the robot!

Instead of the cool 4×4 truck top I put this plastic panel for now:

On top I fixed every pcb with screws:

  1. On the left is my Arduino under a simple shield we made and has a connector for the steering servo and the motor driver.
  2. In the middle there is a voltage regulator which is set to create stable 5V from 12V.
  3. And the last piece on the plastic panel is the motor driver.
  4. In the belly of the robot is a 12V 4000mAh LiPo accumulator.

As a final touch I also put the original bumper back to the front to give it a cool look.

The only thing missing is to put the BeagleBone on top as well. It will be done after we got the wifi working.


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