Building a Rover project day 7 – assembly 2

Since now we have the wifi working, continuing the effort of last time we finally got to do the next assembly step.

Mounting the BeagleBone on the rover.

It was no big deal.

4 screws to fix the BeagleBone onto the plastic board, some tape for a USB hub and some ideas to hide those way too long USB cables somewhere.

The camera is just for prank, we will have to think of a place to put it, and also a way to hide it’s cable.

What’s missing is of course a lot more compact way to place the electronics and sensors, sensors, sensors.

We were also giving some effort towards using only the BeagleBone so we can let go of the Arduino but for now (and for safety issues) we’ll keep this configuration.

And a fun video for the end. I’m also putting the video of the original design to get some comparison.


This renders the basic Scarabeus project finished.

More work of course is still required but the days of hard work are over. We have finished the rover platform.

Attaching sensors, creating control interfaces are the work of the (not distant) future.


Ahh I forgot to print the logo! Next time…

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