Hungarians On Mars Competition 2013

There is a competition in my country which is called Hungarians On Mars, official site. It is held once in a year, and it’s about robotics challenges. As always, we attended.

Game field overview

This years challenge was to make a two wheeled robot and capture points by dropping magnet onto them while other three challengers try to do the same thing.

We ended up making 3 different robots. The first uses infinite rotation servos, the second uses stepper motors, while the third was built with pololu motors. Only the third one reached its final state since that looked like the best option: strongest motors + encoders.

During the competition there is a camera above the field simulating a Mars satellite that can be used for robot localization. We didn’t use that because there was not enough time to finish the software. Our robot was only capable of recieving direct commands through wifi and tcp/ip.

Here is our planned architecture:


The hadware:
– 2 cytron motorcontrollers
– 2 pololu motor actuators
– beaglebone
– usb hub
– d-link wifi stick
– voltage regulator

– Debian Squeezy OS on BeagleBone
– BeagleBone PWM driver
– Qt server-client program

Pictures of the 1st(on the right) and 3rd(on the left) version robot:



We were the Buggers team and finished 13th place out of the 30 teams

Árpád Pálóczi – software
Bence Magyar – software
Levente Lepárt – software
Márk Bauer – electronics&mechanics
Tamás Csibrák – electronics&mechanics

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