Building a test bench for a robot gripper

So it all started with me not being able to resist buying a robotic gripper I found on


Ok but what now? It has to be mounted somewhere. Since I don’t (yet, haha) have a humanoid robot of my own I thought I will mount it on a plate of some kind and then do some “pick and place” with it.

First of all, it’d be nice to give it at least one more degree of freedom, so that the gripper can turn around as well as lift up objects after grabbing them. I had some servos lying around as well as some mount brackets for servos so I modified the gripper a bit and added an extra joint.



I had to change the first bracket of the gripper so because the original one fits a medium size servo and I had a normal one.



Now for the bench. It starts with a plank of wood which I cut out from a bigger piece I found on the street.


Some plastic parts + glue always helps…


I sanded it, cut a hole in the middle and attached some legs to it to find out that I probably created a nice breadboard 🙂





Upcoming: attaching an Arduino or a BeagleBone and drive it!



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