I believe I can fly – a new hobby for Bence

Flying always fascinated me.

For the design of the plane I wanted to have something similar to the Devastator from the game Crimson Skies. Pictures!

CS_devastator-09 CS_devastator-11devastatororth3

I took a screenshot from the flitetest video and worked it with gimp to have a rough idea of how it will look, I inverted the colors because it’s more badass and gave some room for weathering the plane.



So that’s it for the design, now for the work!



After the first few attempts I crashed the nose quite badly so I had to do some repair. I figured that fixing some parts here and there could be done in a more decorative way so first I repaired the damaged nose with some aluminium foil, which gave it a though burned paint look. SAM_1809

SAM_1815 SAM_1819 SAM_1825 SAM_1827  SAM_1816SAM_1834



[Disclaimer: this post has been in the bin for a while and recycled, so the contents are roughly a year old]


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