Online course recommendation: Embedded Systems – Shape the World

I have started an online course about the Tiva C Launchpad(TM4C123) embedded system.


This is an Arduino like board with Arm processor. It has the same kind of developing environment as for the Arduino, for Tiva C it’s called Energia. For more deep level development, there is also Code Composer Studio (CCS) or Keil IDE .

The online course can be found here:


The enrollment is closed on the edx site, but you can get the course material on this site.

The course is for the people who have already have basic knowledge about programming and would like to extend it by learning about embedded systems. It’s starts from the scratch (physics and electronics) and explains everything that needed to finish this course and to learn how to handle the Tiva C board. The instructors are good, and explain a lot of thing through video tutorials and detailed descriptions, even talk about things that are outside of the course but related to the topic. At the end of each chapter a quiz need to be filled for checking how much have you learned. Also there are labs to learn code developing and debugging in both simulated and a real environment.

Only a few things needed to finish this course, the Tiva C launchpad itself and some basic electronic components. They are cheap and useful for future robotics projects as well. At the end of the course a mini rover robot and an oscilloscope needs to be created.

I recommend it for everyone who has some programming knowledge but less electric engineering skills and would like to make them better. So it is for programmers who got into robotics and would like to know more about the system at lower levels. Check the introduction of the course so you can easily decide if it is interesting for you.

So far I have completed the 3rd chapter and I am really looking forward to complete all of them.

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