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Arduino + Qt with QextSerialPort

Last time I showed you a little play-around with Arduino and two servos.

Reminder: arduino-double-servo-sketch

Since my aim is to use it to control a webcam built on top of the two servos I have a program with a GUI that can do some image processing. I want to be able to control my “webcam-head” via the GUI so I need to send messages to the Arduino from my Qt (surprised?:D) application. I chose QextSerialPort because a friend of mine got nice experiences with it. I work with Ubuntu but it is also available on Windows systems.

Arduino Double Servo sketch

I have been playing with two servos on my Arduino, here are some videos of it. I wanted to see how stable it is to control multiply servos.

In the first video you can see a pre-programmed motion with each servos.