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WRT160NL debrick

I wanted to update the firmware on my router, but I ended up bricking it. After some panic and research I found these three solutions:
2. Use JTag
3. unicorn (lives in the legends)

I had chose the first, I have a USB-serial converter (UART, Cp2102), on Windows:
Preparation: You will need a usb-serial converter, some program that will support serial communication(I had picked Putty), a program that will help you upload a file via TFTP, and the right firmware.

1. Remove the case of the router.
2. Here you can see the serial port. I plugged the right cables to the right place. From up to down:

1 – GND
2 – NC
3 – RX
4 – TX
5 – 3.3V

OpenWRT + WRT160NL + USB pendrive

I wanted to extend the storage space of the router so I used my old Kingston pendrive.
That is the point when I want to mention, it is very easy to do. Yet even I got stuck at some point.
Firstly you need some packages,
kmod-usb-core , for the core usb
kmod-usb-uhci or kmod-usb-ohci this depends on what kind of usb driver your router has. There won’t be a problem if you install both.
kmod-usb-storage for the storage drive
kmod-usb2 for usb 2 support
kmod-fs-ext3 | kmod-fs-vfat for the filesystem. I used kmod-fs-vfat my pendrive is formatted to this fs.

OpenWRT c,c++ programing

We have an OpenWRT OS on our router, so what should we do now? Of course we want to create our program and run it on the OpenWRT. So Let’s get started.
First we need a developer platform or an SDK. I used my PC with Ubuntu for that.
Second we have to download the SDK that’s suit for us. What kind of SDK we need? It depends on the hardware that we use for running the OpenWRT. I have two OpenWRT compatible router the first is a Linksys WRT54GL, second is a WRT160NL. They have different architecture but that’s not a big problem.
The WRT54GL have Broadcom BCM5352, so I use brcm-2.4 .

OpenWRT + Wrt160NL + Webcam

Hello again!

Here is part two of the story of the Wrt160NL router. I want to use my old webcam to stream some video through the router.

    • I have a Linksys WRT160NL router, and the last time I reflashed it’s firmware with OpenWrt
      A Canyon Cn-wcam23 webcam
  • After consulting with my friend(google) I have found the best software for this: mjpeg-streamer.

    How to reflash the linksys WRT160NL with OpenWRT

    I bought this router cause I wanted to boost our robot building culture with USB port. That was a month ago, now I think it is time to begin the journey.

    First I removed the router case, to (lose the warranty and) see whats inside. Its not necessary for the reflash I’m just curious whats inside. The first best thing was, there is serial console with already built spikes, so you dont have to use your engineering skills. So that was the tale, let’s do the real thing.

    So I started to read what to do, it says: You can download 10.03 build called openwrt-ar71xx-wrt160nl-squashfs.bin. The link that appears isn’t good, because this realese is bugged with the router. When you try to reflash the router it stucks at 40% and says the flashing wasn’t succesful. So I asked my friend(google) what to do and here is the link to the solution and the answer I got. So you have to use a latest release of the ar71xx version. Ok that’s done there can’t be any problem.