Skynet is among us!

Here is the new breaktrough in the AI development: An AI can read a game manual and be more succesful than the ordinary one. The Civilization 2 game has been tested with this AI and the result is if it reads a manual it has higher chance to win the game. I could say that today the game is the world, tomorrow the world will be the game. But ofcourse that was just a joke.

The original article can be found here

The OpenCV, the Qt Creator and the Windows 7

(For the ones who did not get the title: Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo)
After a few hours of googling and hacking we managed to set up OpenCV 2.3 in Qt Creator under Windows 7.

There are a lot of forum and blog posts out there about this but none of them uses the new OpenCV 2.3.

If you are full of reading linking errors like

undefined reference to `cvLoadImage’

you might have just arrived at the right post in the Internet.

After you have downloaded the binaries for Windows, you get a nice README suggesting this:

If you have problems add build\bin and one of build\{x86|x64}\{vc9\vc10\mingw}\bin to your system path (to use DLLs)