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Audiobook: Start with why – Simon Sinek

Since I spend 2x30minutes on a daily basis walking to work, I get to spend some time with myself and listening to music all this time daily just didn’t cut it. Audiobook are great sources of entertainment regardless of what type of books you consume, the format puts books into a slightly different context which I find interesting and also pretty convenient. So for this reason I will be doing some audiobook recommendations from now.

The platform I use is Audible on my android phone. In case you’d like to try it out, there is a free audiobook on signup if you support my favourite programming podcast, Programming Throwdown: http://www.audibletrial.com/programmingthrowdown

And now for the book…


Book review: Make: Electronics (Learning by Discovery) by Charles Platt

If you are unsure about electronics and would like to clear things up, Make: Electronics (Learning by Discovery) by Charles Platt is for you.

I really like the general idea of burning things. What I mean is pushing electric components to see where their limits are. This book is a wonderfully illustrated and provides most of the background knowledge you need to have to mess with electronics.

Check it out here:


Book review: Beyond AI by J. Storrs Hall


I really liked this book. It’s clear that the author is quite literate even in philosophy and psychology. While giving a deep view into the full AI timeline he keeps reflecting back to human biology, behavior, ethics or even history. I really liked that he did not say any formal stuff about how to prove that this and that will work. Instead he gave a brief description of how should thing be implemented or described. This book is not about how to build intelligent robots nor an AI history book but a synthesis of both.