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The big picture

As you can see our main goal is “A place where two programmers share their experiences with the world about Robotics and AI programming.”. But you can ask the question if that is our purpose, how are these posts related to robotics?
Let’s go back to the roots, what is robotics? What is robotics exactly? As I think there are many aspect for this word. The best one I think is, a robot is a tool which helps to automate our daily routines or our human related works.

Here we ask ourselves what do we want to automate? There will be many answer for this question. Just like, I want a car like K.I.T.T. which will help my drive and be the sidekick for me in my daily life. I know it is very perv, but I wanted to give a hint what kind of robot you can think of.

We have a car which we want to automate and give him an AI and special abilities, like vision and spoken human communication.

OpenWRT + Wrt160NL + Webcam

Hello again!

Here is part two of the story of the Wrt160NL router. I want to use my old webcam to stream some video through the router.

    • I have a Linksys WRT160NL router, and the last time I reflashed it’s firmware with OpenWrt
      A Canyon Cn-wcam23 webcam
  • After consulting with my friend(google) I have found the best software for this: mjpeg-streamer.

    How to reflash the linksys WRT160NL with OpenWRT

    I bought this router cause I wanted to boost our robot building culture with USB port. That was a month ago, now I think it is time to begin the journey.

    First I removed the router case, to (lose the warranty and) see whats inside. Its not necessary for the reflash I’m just curious whats inside. The first best thing was, there is serial console with already built spikes, so you dont have to use your engineering skills. So that was the tale, let’s do the real thing.

    So I started to read what to do, http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/linksys/wrt160nl it says: You can download 10.03 build called openwrt-ar71xx-wrt160nl-squashfs.bin. The link that appears isn’t good, because this realese is bugged with the router. When you try to reflash the router it stucks at 40% and says the flashing wasn’t succesful. So I asked my friend(google) what to do and here is the link to the solution and the answer I got. So you have to use a latest release of the ar71xx version. Ok that’s done there can’t be any problem.