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Logging back into the matrix….

Hello Everyone!

Lately we didn’t shared any information with you. We don’t want to stop blogging, just we went through some life issues. I have a new job in our capital city Budapest. Finally my job is now related to software developing (in java x]), and I’m very happy about that. Now I have time and I will start blogging again.

And some information about Bence. He is now in Spain, Barcelona at the Pal Robotics, and he is writing his thesis. He will be there for six months, so it’s up to you to ask some good things about real ongoing robotics stuffs!

Book review: Beyond AI by J. Storrs Hall


I really liked this book. It’s clear that the author is quite literate even in philosophy and psychology. While giving a deep view into the full AI timeline he keeps reflecting back to human biology, behavior, ethics or even history. I really liked that he did not say any formal stuff about how to prove that this and that will work. Instead he gave a brief description of how should thing be implemented or described. This book is not about how to build intelligent robots nor an AI history book but a synthesis of both.


This is the post what we forgot to write :]. So who are we?
First I would like to introduce my friend Bence Magyar, he is a university student at ELTE (HU university), and he is learning computer science. And myself, I graduated as a programmer at the DE (HU university too).
We started to learn robotics, when we bought two NXTs. Our first project was a wall follower bot. Next summer he met an evil engineer and our project had been boosted. First we started to think in more electronics related things, second to make a good bot, we used a router. It is a cheap and easy way to make an wireless bot. Thats why we are posting things about OpenWRT and routers. OpenCV is more robotics related, and Bence is learning it now, I also want to learn image processing if I have time.
Our goal is to make robots, that will reach space and explore it. We have some robot projects ongoing, one is to make four rover and do some swarm technology.
Also we went to a robotic competition in our country, it’s called Hungarians On Mars ( or Magyarok a Marson in HU). The project files and documents can be found here.
We also have a robot working team, that’s called Buggers. You can see it’s the logo at the top.
Our goal with this blog to share our way of robotics, and help other people who stuck with the same problem.

Arduino + Qt with QextSerialPort

Last time I showed you a little play-around with Arduino and two servos.

Reminder: arduino-double-servo-sketch

Since my aim is to use it to control a webcam built on top of the two servos I have a program with a GUI that can do some image processing. I want to be able to control my “webcam-head” via the GUI so I need to send messages to the Arduino from my Qt (surprised?:D) application. I chose QextSerialPort because a friend of mine got nice experiences with it. I work with Ubuntu but it is also available on Windows systems.

Book review: Rodney Brooks – Flesh and Machines: How robots will change us



I have recently read Flesh and Machines: How robots will change us from Rodney Brooks (wonder why I chose this blog title?) and had great time with it. If I had to describe the book with one word: inspiring.

Before ordering it from Amazon.com I read some review about it and I got a little disappointed because a lot of them said that it’s nothing concrete, too “light” on this topic.

I have to say that I do not regret having bought it. It’s a really inspiring book that’s about the early days of robotics written by one of the most powerful people in this area.

I recommend it to anyone who already worked with robots or studied AI&Robotics deeper.