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To infinity and beyond…with RC servos!

Do you like RC servos? I hope so because we do. Especially those with metal gear inside for their lifetime and reliability. We have a few TowardPro MG996R servos so I’ll demonstrate the whole process of making a servo able to turn forever with one.


To see where we are going let’s take a quick look at Ms. Piggy dancing around on the servo.


Building a Rover project day 2 – PWM on BeagleBone

When I bought the BeagleBone it didn’t have PWM support. It was disabled for some reason by default. Luckily in the latest kernel they put it back.

The minimal kernel for PWM is: Angstrom v2012.03-core – Kernel 3.2.5+ .

The one I downloaded:
Which has a 3.2.18 version kernel.

This is optional, but you can update to the newest version.
The first step is to update the BeagleBone. You will need the BeagleBone to be online. Then here are the necessary commands:

opkg update
opkg upgrade


Building a Rover project day 1

Continuing yesterday’s work Árpi moved out to do some shopping for heat-sensors and a wifi-stick for the BeagleBone.
I did some the code for the Arduino which is basically a command interpreter based on the code of the OpenROV project.


We successfully mounted the servo motor that does the steering and experimented with drilling an extra hole into one of those metal builder parts to shorten the steering axis – no good yet.

Drilling screw hole
Drilling screw hole