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mjpeg-streamer on BeagleBone

Now that we are done with the platform we have to attach some sensors.
I had some experience with webcams and mjpeg-streamer so I thougth it’s is time to create the BeagleBone version.
I used the latest demo image with 3.18 kernel.
I have an Canyon Wc 23 type webcam(CN-WCAM23). When I plugged it in, the kernel modules and drivers loaded automatically without the need to install anything. You can still make sure that everything went well by typing:



Strange behaviour with OpenCV Camera “things”

I am currently working on a project that does some image processing and I have to use a webcam as image source. My choice is OpenCV and Qt (of course).
The new OpenCV version (2.3) just came out when I started my project so I got the source and compiled it.
After looking through the documentation I tried to use the new C++ API and cv::VideoCapture class instead of the C-style CvCapture structure but failed since cv::VideoCapture can’t find my webcam for some reason.

However my old projects that used the webcam still worked I simply kept on using CvCapture.
After a while I got an error when tried to use cv::Mat::operator() for subimage extraction and received strange runtime errors.