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OpenWRT c,c++ programing

We have an OpenWRT OS on our router, so what should we do now? Of course we want to create our program and run it on the OpenWRT. So Let’s get started.
First we need a developer platform or an SDK. I used my PC with Ubuntu for that.
Second we have to download the SDK that’s suit for us. What kind of SDK we need? It depends on the hardware that we use for running the OpenWRT. I have two OpenWRT compatible router the first is a Linksys WRT54GL, second is a WRT160NL. They have different architecture but that’s not a big problem.
The WRT54GL have Broadcom BCM5352, so I use brcm-2.4 .

Arduino + Qt with QextSerialPort

Last time I showed you a little play-around with Arduino and two servos.

Reminder: arduino-double-servo-sketch

Since my aim is to use it to control a webcam built on top of the two servos I have a program with a GUI that can do some image processing. I want to be able to control my “webcam-head” via the GUI so I need to send messages to the Arduino from my Qt (surprised?:D) application. I chose QextSerialPort because a friend of mine got nice experiences with it. I work with Ubuntu but it is also available on Windows systems.